Ayurveda and Blessings of Buddha

AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 1

AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 1

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Sight View: Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda, Lumbini, Sarnath
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AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 2

AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 2

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Sight View: Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda, Lumbini, Sarnath
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AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 3

AYURVEDA Tours & Buddhism 3

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Sight View: Rajgir, Vaishali, Nalanda, Lumbini, Sarnath
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“Here Ayurveda Tours India offers you amazing destinations to Explore BUDDHA and AYURVEDA together.”

India has given Ayurveda to the whole world. It is the most ancient yet most effective science of healing. Ayurveda has curative power without any side effect. This 5000 year old science of healing has been attracting people from all corners of the world to India.
Ayur means “life” and Veda means “science” so Ayurveda literally means the “science of life”. Ayurveda has now become the lifeline for many and has shown remarkable results over the years. It rejuvenates even to them who don’t have any ailment and has effective remedies for various ailments. It offers unmatched solutions to stress & strain and even weight loss. Ayurveda Tours India provides the chance to enhance you the health conditions and body related aspects.

Ayurveda’s Preventive & Curative Power

Ayurveda has two ways healing power fist is “Preventive” and the other one is “Curative”.

Ayurveda first prevents ailment to get into our system. The Rejuvenation Programs falls under this category. They help in the general wellbeing and strengthen the immune system.

Ayurveda’s Curative Power works for complete eradication of ailments. In turn makes human body free from all possible ailments. Diseases like Spondylitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Slip-Disk, Nervous Disorder & their related problems, Diabetes, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Migraine etc can be cured by the amazing touch of Ayurveda.

Beauty Care, Hair care and Eye Care are few interesting things which many tourists prefer even during their Leisure Tour.

India Ayurveda Tours – Why Bihar “The Land of Buddhism”  
In Bihar Ayurveda had been the main source of healing ailments and good health for thousands of years. Bihar is the birth place of all time Ayurveda Genius “Jeevak Kumarbhritya”. He was found orphan at RAJGIR (Old Name “Rajgrih”) in Bihar. He had intensive knowledge of Ayurveda. During his period between 525 – 450 B.C he was very famous and treated many monks and kings of that era like Buddha and Bimbisara. He had gained a complete and intensive knowledge of all sections of Ayurveda. He believed that “Every plant is a medicine” and treated many chronic diseases and operated most critical Head Surgeries successfully. Later many famous legends of Ayurveda followed him. That’s why Jeevak is considered the “Historical Father of Ayurveda”.  There are many evidences of Medical Miracles of his.
His residence in Rajgrih was very big and had his Hospital there only. Its ruins still can be seen in Rajgir known as “Jeevak Ambvan” means The Mango Orchard. Even Lord Buddha stayed with his disciples.

Herbal and Organic Bihar: The soil of this part of world is wonderful for Ayurveda. People here understand the value of natural ways to lead life. Farmers have been growing Herbal & Medicinal Plants here for many centuries. They are further used to make Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Oil. Even food for their daily needs is mostly grown organically. Many experts from all across the globe have been coming here to know and learn wonderful agricultural technique of Bihar.


The holistic effect of Ayurveda can be felt more enhanced if it is combined with the blessings of Lord Buddha. Under India Ayurveda Tours, BBT look forward to unfold you the true wonders India has been the source of to render to the whole world since centuries i.e. AYURVEDA and BUDDHA. Ayurveda has been the natural source for healthy body and Buddha has shown world the way to peace & ultimate happiness of mind & soul.
One can go and experience wonders of the amazing sites reflecting Buddhism and other unseen specialties & real wonders of the world after experiencing the splendid touch of Ayurveda.
BBT has knitted splendidly Bihar Ayurveda and Buddhism under Ayurveda Tours India category to make you experience the best of Ayurveda Tourism.


India Category
BODHGAYA:  Here Lord Buddha got enlightenment under The Bodhi Tree. There are beautiful Buddhist Temples and Monasteries having the power to fascinate. One can also see here beautiful statues made up of clay and other handmade things produced with natural resources.

NALANDA: It is around 80 Kms from PATNA and 90 Kms from BODHGAYA. This place has been the hub for education and given the First International Residential University of the World offering the best residential education system to the students across the globe during that period. Many dynasties had nurtured this place and its glory was heard by the thinkers of that era. The Ruins of World Famous Nalanda University in Nalanda has created global buzz ever since it was excavated.  

VAISHALI:  It is just 26 Kms from Patna and 100 Kms from Bodhgaya. Known as the host to Second Buddhist Council, this place has the privilege to become the First Republic of the World. It has a lot of significance for Buddhism as Lord Buddha had delivered his last sermon and announced his Mahaparinirvana that followed in Kushinagar. This place is equally important for Jainism as LORD MAHAVIRA was born here.

NEPURAis just 93 Kms away from BODHGAYA and 90 Kms from PATNA. This place has received International recognition for its Handmade Tussar Silk and is one of the very few villages adopted by Indian government to promote across the globe and attract more and more tourists to India. The weaving work is done by mostly Tati Community. The handmade silk making process and technique have been passed from one generation to the other without losing its soul. Pit loom silk weaving and tight reeling are main craft techniques which can keep one engaged. Raw material used like Tussar cocoon once converted into Tussar Silk is stitched here by well trained female tailors.
One can see farmers plough using traditional techniques for growing organic crops and fruits. Places around Nepura have been the main region which organically produced Rice and Potato that too with once a record highest quantity in the whole world. This place is a gem not only for Ecotourism in Bihar but also for Ecotourism in India.

KAKOLAT: is just 55 Kms away from RAJGIR.  A Well-known 160 ft high Kakolat Water Fall here is the most famous tourist destination. It is situated on Kakolat Hills. It is a transparent beautiful Water Fall surrounded with Lush Greenery has great curative & restorative power and is said to be cool even during summers. One can get lost in the paradise of this nature here. The drive through Kakolat from Rajgir is eye pleasing and a must watch place for one who likes Ecotourism in India.

GHORA KATORA: Falling under pollution-free zone of RAJGIR, this place could prove to be one of the best spots for Ecotourism in India.
Ghora Katora Lake is famous for its natural setup and location value. Close to it a Beautiful Ropeway to World Famous Buddha Temple at the top of mountain overlooking lush green forest is stunning and eye pleasing for Eco Tours lovers. Ecotourism in Bihar has become more famous since this place is reached only by a pollution- free vehicle like Chariot pulled by horse.

RAJGIR is well associated with MAHABHARATA PERIOD and BUDDHISM unveiling many stories of that era through places, ruins and caves mentioned in the ancient Buddhist scriptures and also in the travelogues of Buddhist travellers Huen Tsang and Fa Hian.

Here Ayurveda Tours India offers you amazing destinations to Explore Buddha Ayurveda together. 

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