Bihar Art

Bihar has been famous for its art since Ancient India Time and proved its impact all over the world. Traditional especially hand made products have got popularity and has been in great demand. Many tourists visit those places for better knowhow and take along the memories of the moments spent interacting with these local experts. Bihar Art is famous for its variation and using natural resources to bring out the best keeping the ecological balance and environment in mind.

Art of Bihar reflects the true love for nature inculcated in the tradition of local people of this part of the world.

ART OF BIHAR – A wonderful amalgamation of Handmade Beauty and Nature

Madhubani Painting

Madhubani Paintings is a craft practiced in Mithilanchal of Bihar State. This is a creative folk painting specially done by women in the most original and traditional way. These paintings portray symbolic motifs, and religious scenes. Only Natural Colours are used to create amazing paintings. Traditionally these paintings were done on the house walls mostly by women. But in the past few decades the paintings are produced on paper, canvas and textiles professionally to cater to ever growing demands of national and international market.

Wood Inlay

This is supposed to be one of the most ancient crafts of Bihar now being done with different materials like metal, ivory and horn etc. This Art of Bihar craft makes lovely decorative pieces, wall hangings, tabletops, trays, and plethora of utility articles to be used in daily household work.

Bangle Making

The best works of bangle making can be seen in the city of Muzaffarpur which is considered to be the center for cottage industries. Bangles are an inseparable part of Indian customs and an integral part of make up kit of Indian women. The raw material is for bangle works is obtained from the forest nearby. The artisans use light fire to craft the delicate glasses into circular shape. The artisans go by the market demand and their imagination to give them the most fashionable and contemporary designs. One can buy them from many stores or directly from the homes of the artisans.


Bihar Art is famous due to this craft as well. Beautiful items like boxes and bangles since early age. It is used to make decorative items and small boxes that most women use for keeping sindur. These boxes are designed with beautiful motifs.

Stone Crafts

World famous Gaya district has been traditional stoneware centre in Bihar. The richness of Bihar Art can also be found in its Stone crafts. Artisans in Bihar craft Buddhist icons, images and household articles. Textile printing of Bihar is renowned. This craft is done on cotton, wool and silk. Beautiful designs of floral and animal forms are printed in chunris Sikki Work is a craft that uses grass, which is then hand-woven into nice baskets and mats.

Stone Work

In its peak during the Mauryan period, stone and architecture works became the symbol of the dynasty. One can see the best of that period in cities like Gaya, Nalanda, and Patna. Apart from monasteries and Stupas, magnificent statues of Lord Buddha were created. Today, the most important place for stone works is Patharkatti in Gaya district. It has plenty of blue black pot stone which are cheap and are used for making statues, images and household articles like the pestle and grinders. It is also among the places in India where architecture works of fountains and tables are done.


Khatwa is the name given to appliqué works in Bihar. Khatwa is about designing by cutting of one fabric and stitching the pieces to another fabric. Khatwa is mainly used to create designer tents, canopies, shamianas and much more. Making of such tents involves work by both men and women. While cutting of clothes is done by men, women use their expertise in stitching part. Khatwa is also used in designing women garments as well. This is where the real talent of Bihar people is seen in the work. The designs created are more sharp, intricate and highly appealing. Most of the garments shop sell these highly artistic clothes.

People in some villages of Bihar are involved only in art works and it is their main source of income. Since the same skills are passed down to generations, the expertise and innovations are immaculate. So when you are visiting Bihar, don't forget to buy yourself some really great paintings and some exquisite clothes.

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