Food habit of people reflects the cuisine of that particular place. Bihar Cuisine is not untouched from the food habit of Biharis. The cuisine of Bihar has evolved over centuries under the influence of various cultures and regimes and said to be one of the best cuisines of India.

Lord Buddha being associated with the pious land of Bihar had a significant impact on the state. People are largely vegetarian. Mughals also ruled here and left a great impact on the Bihar style of cooking and the taste of the inhabitants of the state. That’s why there are many people who are Non Vegetarian as well.

One of remarkable factors of the Bihari cuisine is that the state has taken forward the best and most suitable aspects of the Mauryan, Gupta, Turk, Afghan and Persian and European style of cooking and also retained a food culture bearing a distinct hallmark of Bihar.

Unlike Bengal, Bihari cuisine offers a large variety of sweet delicacies which are mostly dry. These include 'anarasa', 'belgrami', 'chhena murki', 'motichoor ka ladoa', 'kaala jamun', 'kesaria peda', 'khaaja', 'khurma', 'khubi ka lai', 'Iaktho', 'parwal mithai', 'pua' & 'maalpua', 'thekua', 'perukia', 'murabba', 'raskadam' and 'tilkut'

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