Folk Dance

Bihar Folk Dance reflects its rich culture and is mesmerizing in true sense. One would definitely love to experience the wonders of Folk Dance of Bihar. Plethora of Famous Dance of Bihar which has clubbed various amazing Bihar Dance Forms can be a treat to watch.

Jhijhian Dance
This dance is very famous and performed by village women. It is infact sung when there is no rain for a long time than its usual arrival. Through `Jhijhian` the villagers portray the drought when there is not a single drop of rain anywhere, the lands are cracked and parched, the sky is lifeless without clouds and the people are awaiting rains. Hence, this is an exact time, for the performance of this dance, when the village women pray to Lord Indra for rain.The village women dance and sing to please Lord Indra, the Lord of Rain. Lord Indra responds back to their worship by heavy rain falls. The words of the song which the village women sung are "Haali-HuliBarshunInderDeveta".

Jat-Jatin Dance
JatJatin is the dance of women of the Mithila region of Bihar and is supposed to be performed on moonlit nights during the monsoons. Grown-up girls and young housewives assemble in the courtyard and, accompanied by a drum, dance from midnight to dawn.This is also very popular Folk Dance of Mithila and Koshi region of North Bihar. In this dance form tells the story of the man going out of the village to earn and gets estranged from his wife for a period of time. After his return the wife performs this dance. Jat-JatinDanceThe original theme of the Jat-Jatin dance of Bihar explains the story of the lovers Jat and Jatin, who were separated and living in difficult situations. But now through "JatJatin" many social situations are also discussed; natural calamities situation like droughts and floods. Many socially concern topics like poverty, sorrow, love, arguments between lovers or husband and wife; all find its expression in this dance. In some versions, the performers wear masks to add a reality picture.

Kajari Dance
Kajari songs are basically sung during monsoon season. Kajari dance is the popular dance of the rainy season. The dance starts in the month of ‘Shravan’ or the starting of the monsoon season every year and lasts for the entire duration of rain. These songs describe how wonderful earth has become due to rain and how happy and pleasant people are. These songs, combined with dance, are showcase of rich culture and tradition of Bihar.The women of the village start dancing like a peacock on a beautiful song.

Sohar-Khilouna Dance
The birth of child is celebrated all over India with different traditional rituals. The ladies compare the child with god like Lord Rama and sometime with Lord Krishna. The birth of a child is celebrated in all parts of the country with different traditional rituals. In Bihar, ladies always sing Sohar on the occasion of birth of a child. The ladies bless the child by singing, acting and dancing on the words of Sohar.This is a very important function, where all women gather and enjoy. The ladies bless the baby while singing and acting the tender words of Sohar.

Holi Dance
Holi is a festival of color and celebrated across India. Chaitra month's first day is celebrated as Holi. The Festival of Colors is celebrated with unabated enthusiasm by the young and old alike. Come Holi and the hues of the rainbow deck the air in fine mists, the streets in telltale smears and our hearts with the joyful hope that peace and happiness shall reign.TheHoli dance is a vibrant dance form of Bihar. The accompanying songs are sung in the Dhamar style.

Jhumeri Dance
Jhumeri is a folk dance from Mithilanchal.This folk dance of Mithilanchal performed by the married women in the month of Kartik when the sky is clear and full moon spreads its rays all over. On the full moon night of Kartick the young maidens of the village sing and dance to celebrate the turn of the season. The words of the Jhumeri song Kartikmaasnaakasheybadariand the graceful movements of the dance cast a spell on the audience.The women in love dance sing and celebrate the turn of the season.

Harvesting Dance
Bihar being an agriculture State of India has an important place for harvesting. During this season, male and female villagers do their work with dance and song in the field. Their delight and happiness is the symbol of good crop.

Folk Music and Songs
Bihar has its distinctive folk music. Bihar has a very old tradition of beautiful folk music and songs.The sohar is performed during childbirth, sumangali is associated with weddings, ropnigeet is performed during the season of sowing paddy and katnigeet is performed during the paddy harvesting season. The other forms of Bihari folk music include purbi, chaita, hori, bidesia, ghato, birha, kajari, irni/ birni, pachra, jhumar, jatsari, aalah, nirgun and samdaun. The tradition of war songs is called Beer Kunwar.Wandering folk singers in Bihar include the Kathaks, who travelled in groups and performed to the sounds of the dholak, sarangi, tamburu and majira. There are many of these played and sung during important family occasions such as birth ceremonies, marriage, festivals etc. The folk songs are sung mainly in group using Dholak, and sometimes Tabla and Harmonium as well.

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