Bodhgaya is the holiest site in the Buddhist world. This place is of supreme value to the whole world. Here Prince Siddhartha got enlightenment under The Bodhi Tree and called BUDDHA. Lord Buddha spent another six weeks after the enlightenment and further went to Sarnath to give his first teaching to his disciples.
Bodhgaya is around 110 kms away from Patna and 16 kms from Gaya (District Town). Plethora of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries make it the most significant place across the globe. Bodhgaya is an important place for pilgrimage and has buddhist monastery galore. Some of them have been established by Buddhists of Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka etc. These sites reflect real buddhism in india and would be splendid to spend a few days here and experience Bodhgaya Tours. There are many stories about Lord Buddha which can be heard and experienced and have all the power to mesmerize you.

Bodhgaya Tours provide you a chance to experience must visit sites in and around Bodhgaya:

Mahabodhi TempleBuddha attained enlightenment here under the Bodhi Tree. This amazing temple is the most sacred spot for Buddhist pilgrims and even others. This place is visited by a lot of people coming from all over the world to get the true enlightening experience. Bodhgaya Tours are clubbed with other packages and visit to Mahabodhi Temple is the one of the focal centers among all.

Bodhi Tree: This is the tree under which Lord Buddha had attained Nirvana or enlightenment. Located within the premises of Mahabodhi Temple Complex this is surely a must visit spot for the travelers who aspire to find peace and harmony around. Bodhgaya Tours is incomplete without experiencing the power of the amazing Bodhi Tree.

Great Buddha Statue: This amazing 80ft big Buddha Statue in meditating position is placed in an open garden which is located at a walking distance from the Mahabodhi Temple. Visiting this fabulous statue under Buddha Gaya Tour will prove to be a splendid experience.

Cankamana: This is inside the Mahabodhi Temple Complex along one of the sides of the temple. This is the place where Buddha spent time after attaining enlightenment. It is believed that King Asoka got these lotus flowers built at places where Buddha had set foot. This is really an amazing site which is unique and a treat to watch. For the followers of Buddha Gaya’s Cankamana has a very special place in their hearts.

Sujata Kuti: It is a beautiful place in the village placed among paddy fields near Neranjana River. Here the Middle Path Theory originated which is considered to be one of the greatest theories of buddhism.

Dungeswari Hills: This is about 20 kms from Bodhgaya. Here Buddha lived for a long time. This is the last place where Buddha lived as Bodhisattva. For Buddhism and followers of Buddha Gaya’s Dungeswari Hills has an important place.

Root Institute: Buddha Gaya Tour It is a quiet and organized place for retreat and to learn more about buddhist philosophy and culture. Buddha Gaya Tour gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with this institute. One can also learn practical application of Buddhism such as meditation and bring real happiness in daily life.

TEMPLE & MONASTRY GALORE - Buddha Gaya Tour brings you very close to

mesmerize senses
Plethora of beautiful temples and Monasteries are the charm of Buddha Gaya Tour. There are many beautiful temples & monasteries in and around Bodhgaya which are ancient and have historical relevance. Many of them had been constructed by emperors of that time. These unfold interesting stories behind them which would increase your knowledge and motivate the thought process.
Bodhgaya is the land of enlightenment and is the most important place for people across the globe. In the recent few decades many temples have been constructed with the support of many countries and followers of B uddhism. They have become equally famous among travelers. For experiencing them Buddda Gaya Tour is clubbed with various kinds of packages to cater to your specialized requirements.

Experience Bodhgaya Tourism with BBT’s Multiple Tour Options like GOLF TOUR, ECO TOURISM, VILLAGE TOUR, AYURVEDA TOUR, YOGA & MEDITATION TOUR, MICE TOUR and many more…….!!

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