Buddhist Monastries In India

Buddha Monastery Gaya is considered to be the most important among Buddhist Monasteries in India. One can visit beautiful Buddhist Monasteries in Bodhgaya and around Bodhgaya.

Tibetan Monastery 
Established in the year 1938, Tibetan Monastery situated in Bodh Gaya has an eminent place. 
The monastery has a huge dharmachakra and also consists of a wonderful image of Maitreya Buddha, which is believed to be the future incarnation of Lord Buddha. It is also a meditation centre and conducts courses based on meditation and the principles of Buddhism. It is decorated with the Thangkas, Tibetan scriptures and other important Buddhist symbols and objects, the Tibetan monastery. It also shelters the Buddhist tourists who come to visit the holy place of Bodh Gaya.

Thai Monastery 
The government of Thailand and the Buddhist monks established together many monasteries including the one in Bodhgaya. Established in 1957, The Thai With a noble cause to spread the philosophies and principles of Buddhism among the monastery, built typically as per the Thai architecture further contains images of the Lord Buddha in different forms. These images have also been carved with Buddhist scriptures. With a maximum capacity of 135 people, these retreats include meditation practices.

The Chinese Temple & Monastery

Chinese government and the Buddhist monks built it in Chinese architectural style, the Chinese monastery is a very small structure in Bodh Gaya but is worth visiting. Amalgamation of the Chinese architecture with religion it is dedicated to Lord Buddha. This monastery is built near Maha Bodhi temple complex and is a treat to visit.


Japanese Monastery 
Japanese monastery is situated in Bodh Gaya, reflects the philosophies of the Zen Buddhism and its practices in India. This Japanese monastery in Bodh Gaya conducts individual and group meditation for monks and also for other people. Through meditation, they aim for the purification of heart for attaining salvation or nirvana.

Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan 

Built in Pagoda style in collaboration with the Bhutanese government and the Buddhist monks this Buddhist monastery of Bhutan situated in Bodh Gaya is one of the major monasteries located. It is popular with the pilgrims, tourists and the monks due to its well maintained surroundings and its unique structure. The temple inside the monastery consists of a seven-foot high image of the Lord Buddha, which is further carved with the Buddhist symbols and scriptures. The inner walls of the temple are carved with small figurines depicting the stages of the Buddha's life. 

This monastery also carries out various tasks on Lord Buddha and his teachings and offer prayers at the temple.

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