Buddha Temple in India

India has been the centre of Buddhism ever since Buddhism came into existence and given a way to its followers to lead a meaningful life. Buddhist Temples in India are the centers where one can experience the wonders of Buddhism. Over the years Buddhists and others have shown their remarkable love and interest to spend more time to visit those places where one can experience the holiness of these temples and bring peace and ultimate satisfaction in their lives. Buddha Temple Gaya has been the pick of all because Lord Buddha had got enlightenment here under “Bodhi Tree”.  Apart from Buddhist Temples in Bodhgaya, there are plethoras of beautiful Buddhist Temples in India which have its significance.

BODHGAYA (Region – Bihar State)
Bodhgaya in the best among Buddha Temple Gaya have. is the holiest site in the Buddhist world and is around 110 kms away from Patna & 16 kms from Gaya (District Town). This place is of supreme value to the whole world. Here Prince Siddhartha got enlightenment under The Bodhi Tree and called BUDDHA. Lord Buddha spent another six weeks after the enlightenment and further went to Sarnath to give his first teaching to his disciples.
Plethora of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries make it the most significant place across the globe. Some of them have been established by Buddhists of Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka etc. Within the premises of Mahabodhi Temple one can also find the tree under which Lord Buddha got enlightenment. These sites are a treat to watch and would be splendid to spend a few days here and experience the power of Buddhist temples in Bodhgaya.

NALANDA (Region – Bihar State)
NALANDA is a very famous destination across the globe for having remarkable evidences of Buddhism, other interesting findings and fabulous places in and around this part of the world. Nalanda is situated at a convenient distance of around 80 Kms from PATNA (Bihar State Capital) and just 10 Kms away from RAJGIR. Nalanda Tours is attracting many travelers from all corners of the world because of the wonderful ancient university found in excavation here. This place is world famous for holding the First International Residential University of the World (i.e. NALANDA UNIVERSITY) and had been the hub for education offering the best residential education system to the students across the globe during that period. The university had centers for studies in Vedas, Buddhism, Medicine, Logic, Meta-Physics, Grammar, Prose Composition and Rhetoric. This had a very huge library and had a mammoth collection of 9 million volumes. The Ruins of Nalanda is spread in around an area of 14 hectares and has created global buzz ever since it was excavated. It reflects the construction which emphasizes mainly on places of education & its systems, Use of natural materials, Healthy surroundings and specially designed areas for meditation to attain peace of mind & ultimate knowledge.
There is plethora of temples and monasteries around Nalanda which are special and must visit for travelers. Here in 1951 an international center for Buddhist studies was founded. Nalanda was an important place because Lord Buddha and Mahavira stayed here also and preached. One can see many places and caves around this area where Buddhist monks and followers used to meditate.

RAJGIR (Region – Bihar State)
Rajgir literally means “The house of king”. This is an important and beautiful destination and is around 80 kms from PATNA (Bihar State Capital and Ancient Capital of India) and 80 Kms from Bodhgaya (The Land where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment).This is placed in the natural setting where one get to see beautiful hills, green forests, caves, hot water source, Hindu, Buddhist & Jain temples and a lot of interesting sightseeing options.
For Buddhism this place in very important because of being the host place of the First Buddhist Council which was held in one of the caves of hills of Rajgir called “Saptparni Cave”. Lord Buddha had spent several months meditating, and preaching here at “Griddhkuta” (Hill of the Vultures). He also delivered some of his famous sermons here.
One can take a ride on the Beautiful Ropeway taking to the World Famous Buddha Temple at the top of mountain overlooking lush green forest. In the temple premises below there is a place open to air and is specially designed to meditate.

VAISHALI (Region – Bihar State)
Known as the host to Second Buddhist Council, this place has the privilege to become the First Republic of the World. It has a lot of significance for Buddhism as Lord Buddha had delivered his last sermon and announced his Mahaparinirvana that followed in Kushinagar.
This place is equally important for Jainism as LORD MAHAVIRA was born here.
Vaishali was one of the Buddha's favourite resorts and he visited it on several occasions. It was here that he had his famous encounter with Ambapali, the incident is recounted in the Mahaparinibbana Sutta in The Long Discourses. According to the Mahayana tradition the famous Vimalakirtinedesa Sutra was preached here too.
SARNATH (Region – Uttar Pradesh State)
Sarnath is Situated 10 kms away from Varanasi. This site is very important because Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon to his five disciples, preaching the middle path for attaining 'Nirvana'. Few temples in Sarnath are considered to be most famous Buddhist Temples in India. Many of these Buddhist temples are built and maintained by monks from Japan, China and Tibet out of them main Buddhist temple is the Mulagandhakuti Vihar.
KAUSHAMBI (Region – Uttar Pradesh State)
Kaushambi, in Uttar Pradesh, was visited by Buddha in the 6th and 9th years after his enlightenment. He delivered several sermons here, elevating it to a center of learning for Buddhists. Today one can see the ruins of an Ashokan Pillar, an old fort and the Ghositaram Monastery. The archaeological excavations here have yielded a large number of sculptures and figurines, coins, punch-marked and cast coins and terra-cotta sculptures which show the reverence the city was held in by the devout, in times gone by. All these religious finds of historical and archaeological importance can be viewed at the Allahabad Museum.

SHRAVASTI (Region – Uttar Pradesh State)
Shravasti is another commonly visited place for Buddhists across the globe. Buddha is said to have performed great miracles here and around this place also. One story reflects throwing down the seed of a mango and a great mango tree instantly arises. Another reflects how Lord Buddha stood in the air and the lower part of his body engulfed in flames, with five hundred jets of water streaming from the top of his body.

KUSHINAGAR (Region – Uttar Pradesh State)
Kushinagar is situated 51 kms away from Gorakhpur region of Uttar Pradesh State and is considered to be one of the main centers of Buddhist pilgrimage and is the place of Mahaparinrvana. The monument of Kushinagar is positioned in three distinct comprising in the main site of the Nirvana Temple houses. Plethora of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries in and around makes it the most significant place across the globe.


LUMBINI   (India - Nepal Border)
Lumbini is a very famous destination across the globe for having remarkable evidences of Buddhism and fabulous places in and around India – Nepal Border. Located in the flat plains of South-Western Nepal and the foothills of Churia range, Lumbini has been the centre to attract millions of Buddhists from all over the world. This is the place where Lord Buddha was born and given a way to lead a blissful life and spreading Buddhist Teachings across the globe.

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