Buddhist Tour India

Buddhism originated in India and flourished between 3rd century BC and 9th century AD. Later it became one of the largest religions of the world. Buddhism spreaded all over the world but India remains the most important destination for people who follow Buddhism. Buddhists from across the globe would definitely love to witness wonders of Buddhist Tour India once in their lifetime. Even people who have predilection for Buddhism and its teachings also like to have Buddha Tour India experience at least once.

While considering Buddhist Tours India stands at the top leaving behind other countries’ famous destinations even. When one talks about Buddha Tours India always comes on his/her priority list.

Destinations of Buddhist Tours India

Some of destinations under Buddhist Tours India with their historical relevance are:


Kushi Nagar










Ajanta Ellora


WHY Buddha Tours India

When considering Buddha Tours India has Buddhist sites galore to unveil the interesting stories and facts related to Lord Buddha which no one would want to be deprived of experiencing. 
Places and sites those have been honored for having edge over others are due to interesting evidences behind them. They are the ones which make Buddha Tour India an unmatchable experience.

Must Visit Sites of Buddha Tour India:

BODHGAYA:  It is the most important place of the World for Buddhism. Here Prince Siddhartha got enlightenment under The Bodhi Tree and called BUDDHA. Plethora of Buddhist Temples and Monasteries make it the most significant place across the globe. There are many stories about Lord Buddha which can be heard and experienced and have all the power to mesmerize you.

NALANDA: The charm of having the First International Residential University of the World, Nalanda is truly the only place of this kind in the world with the most ancient evidences reflecting the best education system, culture, Buddhism and its teachings. Students and Buddhists across the world used to reside and study here. Stories about this place can be found in many famous and honored writers’ books and stories.   

RAJGIR:  Well known for being mentioned in ancient Buddhist scriptures and also in the travelogues of Buddhist travellers Huen Tsang and Fa Hian, Rajgir has been the land for Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. Rajgir was the first capital of the kingdom of Magadha and is also well associated with MAHABHARATA PERIOD unveiling many stories of that era through places, ruins, caves and what not.
 Ropeway to Buddha Temple at the top of mountain is the most magnetism part for tourists. The whole ride to Buddha Temple overlooking lush green forest is beautiful and eye pleasing.

VAISHALI:  Known as the host to Second Buddhist Council, this place has the privilege to become the First Republic of the World. It has a lot of significance for Buddhism as Lord Buddha had delivered his last sermon and announced his Mahaparinirvana that followed in Kushinagar.
This place is equally important for Jainism as LORD MAHAVIRA was born here.

PATNA: This is capital of Bihar State and situated at the bank of Ganga River. Known as Patliputra (Capital of Ancient India) during Ancient India Time, this place has a lot of significance for the Buddhist Pilgrims for its location amidst the surrounding places of Buddhist interest.

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