Glorious Facts of Bihar

Bihar has a glorious history right from BC to post India independence era. Bihar has wrapped historical evidences of glorious ancient India dynasties and pilgrimage destinations Rare Historical Monuments & Archeological, Ancient Dynasties galore, mouth watering cuisine, Colorful Festivals, Art & Culture etc.

Earth's First Republic / World’s Oldest Republic: Vaishali is a place in Bihar which is named after famous King Vishal (King of one of  the Ancient Dynasties)and has a great importance in Bihar Tourism. Vaishali was the capital of one of the first republican states. The Chinese travelers Fa-Hien and Hieun Tsang also visited this place in early 5th and 7th centuries respectively and wrote about Vaishali. Being World’s Oldest Republic, Tourism in Bihar offers Republic Holidays & Republic Tours (North India Tours) which is quite rare and unique. Republic Holidays & Republic Tours are the rarest yet beautiful flowers in the bouquet of North India Tour Packages.

Lord Buddha Enlightenment: Bihar Tourism witnesses great stories behind Lord Buddha. On a full-moon day under the Bodhi tree he sat in deep meditation and said. "I will not leave this spot until I find an end to suffering." He attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Gaya in Bihar. He gained here the most supreme wisdom and understood things as they truly are.


The Land of Goddess Sita & Ramayana: It is said that Goddess Sita Birth Place is Bihar. Being daughter of King Janak, who was a king of Mithila (a part of Bihar), story behind Mata Sita, God Ram and Ramayana also revolves around Bihar. This leads to many mythological stories and pilgrimage sites fall under Tourism in Bihar.


The Land of Ancient India Dynasties: Ancient India Dynasties had grown in the parts of Bihar and been the centre of Indian Politics in the ancient times. King Ashoka and many others to name took this place to the acme of glorious Indian History and all these memories Bihar Tourism has clubbed to offer.

World's Oldest University: Nalanda University is the oldest University of the world where students from different parts of the world use to study during the Ancient India Era. Historical studies indicate that Nalanda University was one of the first universities in the world, founded in the 5th Century BC, and reported to have been visited by the Lord Buddha during his lifetime. During its peak, in the 7th century AD, Nalanda held around 10,000 students when it was visited by the Chinese scholar Xuanzang.


Religious River Ganga: The River Ganga is not just a river but is the Holy River which has all curative power and associated with Indian Mythology. It is said that all the sin committed gets washed off after taking a bath in this river. At the bank of River Ganga people offer pooja (Prayer) which has a great significance in Indian Mythology. There are many festivals celebrated by the side of this river and “Chhath Pooja” is the most popular amongst all. Tourism in Bihar offers various packages based on Ganga Cruise and are supposed to be one of the most exciting North India Tour Packages.

Lord Mahavira: Jainism is the most peaceful religion and been carried forward through its Thirthankars. Bihar witnesses birth of the 13th, 19th, 20th, 21st and 24th Tirthankaras. Mahavir Swami or Vardhaman (24th Thirthankar) is associated with the land of glorious Bihar. He was born at Vaishali (World’s Oldest Republic) in a noble family. Lord Mahavira gave his first sermon on the Vipula Peak at Rajgir (Bihar). Pawapuri is a place in Bihar where Lord Mahavira obtained nirvana. 


Birh Place of Guru Govind Singh: This is the place associated with the Birth of Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Gobind Singh was born in Patna, Bihar in India and became the tenth Guru of Sikhism. Succeeding his father Guru Tegh Bahadur he became Guru at the age of nine. He was a leader of Sikh faith, a Philosopher, a Poet and a Warrior. 

.Historical Monuments: There are historical monuments galore in Bihar which tells the story of greatest dynasties and mythology of Bihar (india). Few of them are:

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